Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Summer To Do List

There hasn't been much DIYing going on over here lately. This winter has dragged on and on and on, and all this cooped-up-ness hasn't lent itself to many projects. There are finally a few signs of spring - daffodils, tulips, green grass, oh my! All the fresh air has me dreaming of new projects to tackle this summer.

Plan the Garden Last year, our resident bunny couple ate up pretty much everything in the garden. This year, I'm determined to win the war over these rascally rabbits and send them packing for good. Just don't tell E - I think she's become kind of attached to them. Any and all suggestions are welcome for how to rid our backyard of these pesky wabbits. I think it's going to be June before the garden gets in, but I'm already thinking of what yummy veggies to plant.

Elkhorn Flea Market - this is one of my favorite day trips each year. This HUGE flea market takes up the entire Walworth County Fairgrounds and hundreds of vendors sell pretty much anything antique, handmade or vintage that you could think of. I love wandering through the stalls and coming up with lots of ideas. Last year, I got the dresser in the bonus room and a side table that I plan to sand down and refinish at some point. Add it to the list! This year's dates are May 19, June 30, August 11 and September 29.

Garage Mudroom - I was hoping to have this done last fall before J was born, but it didn't happen. We did buy some stick-on floor tile when it was on sale, but it's still in the box in the garage. I really like this mudroom plan from Ana White and I may just be ambitious enough to give it a go.

Basement Layout - we're starting to think about talking about coming up with ideas for initiating plans to finish the basement. I'm sure it's still a few years down the road, but I would like to at least get an idea of what walls should go where and how best to use the space. First up is figuring out how to get that pesky sump pump to cooperate and stop flooding the basement during heavy rains.

Paint the Upstairs Hallway - I really should stop talking about doing this and just get it done.

Hang Pictures - The walls around here are pretty bare. And now that we have some great new photos from Lily Bella Photography, it's time to get some pictures up on the walls. Has anyone done the DIY canvases that are all over pinterest and would you recommend them?

Finish Window Treatments - another thing I need to just finally finish. Almost there!