Saturday, August 10, 2013

Garden Goodness

Remember a couple months ago when the garden looked like this?

Well, today it looks like this!


Lots of growing going on around these parts. The organic garden soil mix I used in the new containers has been great. I'm always amazed at how fast everything grows.

In the other corner, here's the blackberry bush, which also gets bigger every year.

Because of this year's mild summer, it hasn't been that tough to keep up with everything. My tomatoes are stuck at green, and my blackberries are stuck at red. E and I walk to the garden every day to see what's ripe and it has been a great lesson in patience.

I have harvested a few cucumbers and some dill for pickles...

Some delicious green beans...

And some of that lemon balm for shortbread cookies.

I've also picked a few handfuls of blackberries, but they usually don't make it out of the backyard. Yum yum!

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