Tuesday, May 1, 2012

L is for Lucy!

We've had the pleasure of meeting quite a few new baby girls around here these days, which means lots of new reasons to do fun craft projects.  I saw a very cute yarn-wrapped letter on Pinterest and put one together for my friend Mary's new baby girl Lucy.

I used a cardboard letter from Hobby Lobby, one skein of turquoise yarn, a few pieces of felt, a couple buttons and some embroidery floss. The whole project was less than $10 and took 3-4 hours. Not bad at all!

To wrap the letter with the yarn, I started with the ends and the corner. I cut a bunch of strips of yarn and then used tacky glue to wrap them over the ends. Then, I started wrapping the longer portions, scrunching it all close together as I went along. I think I wrapped everything twice to ensure even coverage all around. I finished it by gluing the end of the yarn down on the back side.

For the flowers, I used a rolled flower technique. (Just google "felt flowers DIY" - there are tons of tutorials out there.) Basically you cut out a circle, and then cut a spiral into the circle piece. Roll up the strip, glue the end and that's it. I added a couple pieces of green felt for the leaves, and hot glued it all in place.

For the birdies, I created a paper template and then cut out pieces of felt. I stitched on the wings to the front piece first, and then used a blanket stitch to piece it all together. (I really appreciated the tutorial posted HERE.) I also put a layer of batting in the middle to give it some fluff, and then stitched on the eyes. I probably should have put the eyes on before putting it all together, but didn't think that far ahead.  I made an easy twig, and then another rolled flower to give it some more color. Then I glued it all together to the yarn.

I'm currently working on a red and purple on one for another beautiful new baby girl - I love how these come together and they look so cute in a new nursery!

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