Sunday, January 22, 2012

$5 wall art

I bought these unfinished pine mirrors from Ikea a few years ago - a pack of four of them for $3. And I never really had a good sense of what to do with them. It's just the lure of cheap crap from Ikea. I can't resist.

Anyway, last year I painted two of them for E's room, and stuck the other two unfinished on the wall in the downstairs bathroom. I always intended to do something with them, but never got around to it.

Well today after a tea party with the girls, we visited this crazy fun shop in Antioch called Hannah's where I found some very cute scrapbook paper. When I'm out with the girls I have this horrible habit of buying lots of scrapbook paper and then never using it. I have a lot of very cute paper just sitting around waiting for inspiration and free time to coincide. Alas.

So, I was determined to do something with the paper I got today. After E went to sleep, I got out my cutting mat and some mod podge and put the paper on the mirror. Easy peasy and I think they look great - and lots better than the unfinished wood! And cheap too - $5 total!

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