Friday, January 27, 2012

Crib Teether Guard

I finally got around to finishing that crib teething guard that I saw on Pinterest. It only took me about four months :) Although now that I think about it, that's really not too bad considering all the holidays and parties in November and December.

E is a late teether, but when they came in it was crazy - six teeth in eight weeks and nobody was getting any sleep! I love the crib that we bought for her and didn't want those new sharp teeth marking it up. I was inspired by a couple teething guards (this one and this one) that I saw on Pinterest.

I had some leftover fabric and decided I could figure this out. I had to piece together a few fabrics and I backed it with the white minky fabric that we used for her quilt. (I use "we" liberally here, seeing as my mom did all the work on the bedding.) I liked the look of the bias tape on one of the pinterest examples, and used this tutorial and a few phone calls to mom to figure out how to put the blue bias tape on the edges. I always thought bias tape was one of those insanely difficult things to master, but it wasn't bad at all.

If I would have thought about it ahead of time, I would have put the ties on before the bias tape, but I guess I'm not as good at foresight as I once was. So I used a seam ripper to make some room between the bias tape and the fabric, shoved the tie in between and restitched. Not the cleanest or easiest way, but it worked. And it was on the back side so it's not really visible.

I have another one in progress that will go down the long end of the crib, but I'm not sure I need it now. The side of the crib is right by the door, so E never really hangs out by that side. We've had it in place for about a week or two now and so far she's only figured out how to pull it off once. I moved the end ties around the corner post and that seemed to help. I am optimistic that it will keep the crib in great shape for any future uses :)

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